Saturday, November 18, 2006

Casino Royale

Overall Rating: # # (2 Buckets o' Popcorn)
Merlin's Grade: # # (2 Buckets o' Popcorn)
Michele's Grade: (? Buckets o' Popcorn)

(Merlin) The newest Bond flick could have been great... but isn't. Setting it at the "beginning" of Bond's career when he first gets double-o status, but yet in modern times really makes the film fall on it's face as far as I'm concerned. Also missing the classic bond themes of awesome gadgets (sadly lacking) and amazing cars (a Ford Probe for heaven's sake??) really disappoint. There ARE some really cool fight/action scenes and I do like Daniel Craig as Bond and there's some great interplay with him and Eva Green, but overall a definite disappointment.

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