Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ice Harvest

Overall Rating: # # (? Buckets o' Popcorn)

Merlin's Grade: # # # (3 Buckets o' Popcorn)
Michele's Grade: # (? Buckets o' Popcorn)

(Merlin) Interesting dark comedy/heist flick. Wonderfully cast and acted. Billy Bob Thornton's portrayal of a menacing thug couterpart to Cusack's quick-witted mob laywer are both excellent. Cool contrasts of seedy underworld and the christmas season make this a fun movie to watch.

(Michele) this is sad...I need to read more on this..I know I saw it. Sorry, Will. I'll get back to you.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Overall Rating: # # # # + (4 1/2 Buckets o' Popcorn)

Merlin's Grade: # # # # + (4 1/2 Buckets o' Popcorn)
Michele's Grade: # # # # + (4 1/2 Buckets o' Popcorn)

(Merlin) Excellent continuation of the Harry Potter series. Concentrated more on the action parts of the story, which took away a little from it. I hadn't read the book in a couple of years, so the movie was a blast, with little things coming back to me as I watched. I could see where you could be disappointed if you'd just read the book, as they had to cut quite a bit, and it did seem a bit rushed.
(Michele) I loved it. I love Harry Potter movies, books--it's all good to me. I did read the book quite awhile ago, so I didn't see all that was cut out. It was a can't be the movie playing in my head when I read the book, now that would be cool! I missed Fred and George, though. I love them. Overall: EXCELLENT.