Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Wicker Man

Overall Rating: # # (2 Buckets o' Popcorn)
Merlin's Grade: # # (2 Buckets o' Popcorn)
Michele's Grade: (? Buckets o' Popcorn)
Comments: Disclaimer - neither of us has seen the original British film from the 70's.
(Merlin) An odd movie. Production values and casting were excellent, with some interesting performances, especially Molly Parker (of Deadwood fame) though her appearances were brief. An interesting concept for a horror movie. The biggest problem I had with this movie was the anti-paganism feel... not just the "Pagans are bad...mmmmkay?" sort of feeling, but one of ... "look, this society has women the dominant gender... isn't that BIZARRE?" and "Isn't it strange that people would choose to live isolated from the modern world and live simply with nature?". I guess my Neopagan leanings just were slightly offended by how bizzare they portrayed everything about these people.

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